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If you are looking for an efficient way to automate music playback in your place or your
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19 June 2009

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RadioBoss 2.9.5 is software with automation features specially designed for broadcasting stations, clubs, casinos, etc. It has a Musical Database that keeps all your music files. Its Music Player edits and schedules play lists. The Playlist Generator is for generating playlists using different templates.

Pros: RadioBoss 2.9.5 has easy-to-use tools and features to manage your music collection. The program supports a number of audio formats including MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV. The new version allows users to move sound tracks from the report window to the play list in seconds. There is also a feature to create user profiles which allows to create individual configuration for each user. The multi-channel sound output enables you to adjust the sound system according to your choice. RadioBoss has got built-in sound effects to enhance your musical experience. It includes echo, reverb, tempo, pitch, etc. You can control your playlists using its automatic volume control and play all files at the same volume. The musical database provides quick search of songs by any field, sorting, filter, mass tag editor, etc. With playlist generator, you can broadcast your playlist on the basis of generation method, jingles, rotations and other such parameters. You can work with two playlists at the same time. RadioBoss 2.9.5 supports WinAMP and DirectX plug-ins. Voice track feature finds out the music files for you. With color indication feature, you can highlight jingles and advertisements in your playlist. The built-in file converter can easily switch from one format to another, and you can play your songs in any format you like.

Overall: The new version of RadioBoss has been slightly modified for Windows Vista compatibility. RadioBoss 2.9.5 can retranslate the playlists and run Internet radio stations as well. With so many enhancing features for your music, RadioBoss 2.9.5 can easily be rated 4 stars.

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If you run a bar, a restaurant, a shop, a casino, a dance club or even a radio station, music becomes one of your key daily priorities. Music is what keeps your guests' spirit high, what makes them stay longer, enjoy their time and, of course, spend money and come back again. Therefore, as an owner of a popular place or radio station, you should devote proper time to putting together a decent collection of tracks, organizing them in the right order and delivering the right music at the right time. If you are looking for a way to automate music playback in your place or on your own radio station, RadioBoss is your choice!
RadioBoss is an extremely powerful tool that gives you complete control over the playback process, including conversion, scheduling, playlist generation, CD grabbing, automatic volume control, transition effects and much more! When properly configured, the software can work autonomously for months, so you won`t need to hire a full-time DJ to keep the beats pumping. RadioBoss offers tons of great features that will help you create an ultimate virtual DJ: template-based playlist generator, support of major music formats (including Internet streams), streaming capabilities, instant searches in the music database, dynamic volume adjustment, various audio effects (echo, reverb, flanger, tempo, pitch), 12-band equalizer, silence trimming, color indication in playlists, a powerful tag editor and a whole lot more. Novices will be delighted to explore the virtually endless capabilities of the software, while professionals will definitely appreciate the intuitive interface that makes switching to RadioBoss a matter of minutes.
When it comes to music playback automation, few products can compete against RadioBoss. Combining ease of use and affordability with the “configure-and-forget” concept, this tool will become an irreplaceable aide in your daily work. Be the boss of your business and let RadioBoss take care of the grooves and good vibes!
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